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We offer support 24/7 on your hosting requirements
Yes we can install wordpress on the server there is a $50 charge for installation.
Yes all sites get backed up on our secondary sever every 24 hours, and should something go wrong we can reload the back up of your site.
All hosting is payable 12 months in advance. Outside of that there are no other contracts.
All hosting packages are on our hosting page Click Here
We can assist you with migration. Basic migration will be done free of charge however, some hosting companies make it difficult to migrate so if we need to do extra work like save your existing website there will be a fee charged at $80 per hour.
Yes we sell you a managed domain for .com.au and .com’s, the cost is $99 for 2 years.
We sure can host emails only should you have a need please send us an email with your requirements and we will be glad to give you a quote. Please stipulate if you need a POP3 or IMAP.Click here to send your enquiry
Yes it will as well as your emails, if your site has been setup for mobile devices it will display correctly
There are different packages it varies between 10gb and 50gb per month in data transfer. Should you require a larger transfer please contact us Click Here
Most websites today are loading between 2 seconds for a basic site to 5-6 seconds for a graphic rich site, our servers will comply with those requirements. Largely depends on the build of the website.
We can be contacted on 0411 319 598 all hours or contact us through contact page.

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